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Property Flip Calculator

Quickly calculate

Return on Investment (ROI), Profit, Yield, Money Out, Purchase Costs and More

With Your Investment Property.

This property flip calculator can help analyse a buy, refurbish, refinance style deal as well as exploring a flip where you sell at the end as your exit strategy.

Return on Investment (Yr 1)


Flip Profit

£ 0

All In Cost

£ 0

Cash Pulled Out / Left In

£ 0

Purchase Costs

Let's start with your costs to get the property.

Stamp Duty:



When thinking about purchase costs, include any broker fees, mortgage arrangement, bridging arrangement and any upfront fees upon purchase.

Monthly Holding Costs

Once you have the keys, you'll have monthly costs including council tax, bills, monthly interest and other holding costs. List out costs on a monthly basis then select the number of months you expect to hold the property for until you either refinance or sell.

0 Months
Cost Per Month: £0 // Total for 0 Months: £0

Exit Strategy

Whether you're refinancing or selling, let's look at your end numbers.

Rental Income

If you're holding onto the property, lets look at your cashflow and how this impacts your return on investment.

Agent Fees: £0
Maintenance Fees: £0
Net Rental Income: £0.00

Property Investment Analysis

Enjoy this free property flip calculator to help you work out the important finances on your property deal. Did you know that on average about 60 - 70% of 'property investors' do not run their number?

Work out your return on investment, profit, money pulled out whilst gaining confidence that the property you're looking to invest in will actualy make a profit or not!

Enter the important figures such as the purchase price, deposit, stamp duty, renovation costs as well as whether you're using a bridging loan and how many months you expect it to run for. Finish this off with your gross development value and rental income and this tool will calculate the rest for you.

Property Investment Courses

Here at What The Flip: Property Investing...Get smart and renovate for profit THIS YEAR with our property investment course for first time buyers, movers, investors and landlords to accelerate you to buy, renovate and build wealth, through property.

Find a property, run the analysis, buy quickly and confidently. Spend your time building your wealth, not worrying about the uncertainty of whether you’re doing the right thing. Work your way up the property ladder through smart renovations. Zero to Property Hero is a property investment course that provides you with the skills, confidence framework and knowledge you need to build wealth for your future through equity and value uplift of your investment or own home.

Property Investment Strategy

Getting started in property is the hardest bit. You can really get into an analsis paralysis. Until you actually get out there, start viewing houses and making offers, a property deal will not land into your lap. Explore all the strategies including buy to let, HMO, rent to rent, flips and renovations, commercial to residential to get a good idea of what property method suits your strategy best.

The best way to get started is to start looking at properties. Start looking at properties on Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and other property websites. Start looking at properties in your local area and start to understand what is a good deal and what is a bad deal.

Once you start to understand what is a good deal and what is a bad deal, you can start to make offers on properties. You can start to make offers on properties that are good deals and you can start to build your property portfolio.